Thank you for dropping by History Maker Publishing. It is our prayer that one or several of our books or blogs will emblazon your love for God. May you find your faith strengthened to overcome fear, intimidation, and the increasing evil that Jesus said will invade our planet in these last days. We hope you will find treasures here that will draw you nearer to the cross of Jesus and embolden you to share the gospel.

When God revealed to the Apostle John the wonderful, terrible things that would come in the last days, He asked John to write down what he saw and to pen His instructions to His people. And so, John wrote:

"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him . . . And they (the believers in Jesus Christ) overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." (Revelation 12:9, 11 KJV)

The Word of God promises that in the last days we will see demonstrations of power, signs in the heavens, martyrs, miracles, and wonders. The Christian church has never walked this way before.

History Maker Publishing has a dream. We will endeavor by God's grace to build a warehouse of books that is full of the riches of the wonderful cross of Jesus and packed with testimonies from Christians like you—Christians who live close to the heart of God while experiencing his amazing authority over all the works of the enemy in the earth today. We're so glad you're here! And remember, Jesus will never leave you. He has given you all that you need to overcome in these last days.